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  • HoustonSue - Always like Rick Steves

    We bought this book to plan our upcoming trip to Italy. I guess I can write a final review after we have completed our trip. No guidebook is ever perfect, but in our experience, Rick is the man to read when you are planning Europe.

  • Wayne J Spaulding - Liver Cleanse

    A recent blood test showed that my AST and ALT were elevated. I researched your product on the Internet and it looked like it might help get my liver back in shape. I used the liver cleanse for 14 days and returned to the doctor for another blood test. The AST and ALT were back to normal. I would most certainly recommend this product.

  • lattebreak - Hope for eczema, constipation, celiacs, food allergies, and more!

    This is definitely one of my favorite books. I read it all in one day... I couldn't put it down! All I did that day was feed my 3 children meals and read. It was so worth it. I have had eczema all my life, as my mother and grandmother had, and my daughter also got about 6 weeks after she was born. I tried a number of natural remedies to help my daughter's eczema (which covered her legs and itched), including a gluten-free diet, oils, creams, and digestive enzymes, but at 18 months her eczema had still not cleared. This book explained why. It's an inability to digest, caused by a lack of good bacteria, which babies are supposed to get from their mothers while going through the birth canal and through breast milk in the first 2 months of life. Though I had given birth vaginally and breastfed, I didn't have enough good bacteria to pass along to her sterile newborn body (since my mother didn't have enough to pass along to me) and so the good bacteria didn't cultivate and left her vulnerable to bad bacteria and yeast, causing her eczema to appear at 6 weeks. Eventually she developed other symptoms like poor sleep and constipation, also signs of an inability to digest and an overload of toxins from the bad bacteria and a plugged-up colon. For quite a while I have been feeding her a similar diet to the one recommended in the book, but when I added the probiotics that Dr. Campbell-Mcbride helped to develop my daughter's constipation disappeared within a few days and her skin cleared up within a week. I'm amazed! Her skin hasn't looked this good since she was a newborn! She is also much happier and sleeping better. She is finally digesting her food! I have also begun taking the probiotics for my similar problems. I can tell I'm finally digesting my food also. What a relief! I am passing the book around to about 10 people that I know it would help. It's not just for parents of autistic children. It's for all the people (which is half of the population) who are constipated and irritable. It's definitely worth the read! I should add that I am not new to nutrition. I have been studying nutrition for 12 years (it was part of my major in college) but until this book I never really understood the digestive system. It is well-explained and thorough, but easy enough for someone who doesn't have much nutritional knowledge to understand.

  • CO Native - great product, versatile, works great, good price.

    last fall we had torrential rains here and after they had ended we found that the paint on our house was stained with streaks of green from all the wet pulvarized vegetation. we just painted our home last year and were worried about using ANY cleaning compound after putting out a small fortune on the new paint. saw this and read through the customer feedback and thought it might just do the trick and it did. to apply it i used an attachment for washing cars. instead of putting car wash soap in i put in this and it worked as good as i'd hoped. those stains that had been on the house through half the year, gone in no time using krud kutter. after that i thought to try it on our bbq grill and it made that job much easier too. a good cleaning product that actually works as well as they say.

  • J. Ludovico - EXCELLENT!

    Satisfied and more.... This phone surpass my expectations. Not expensive and the program is superb...If you want something that is high tech and budget friendly... well this phone is for you...