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  • http://24hrdental.net/service/dental-veneers/ How much do Dental Veneers Cost? | 24hrDental.net - If your teeth are crooked, chipped or discolored and you’re embarrassed to smile dental veneers may be a perfect for you.
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  • http://24hrdental.net/author/editorial-staff/ Editorial Staff | 24hrDental.net - Our editorial staff at 24hrDental is committed to proving the most up to date and accurate information that pertains to dental health issues and topics.
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  • Deborah Barandiaran - Good but could be better

    My daughter and I wanted to work out together. We thought great! We created two accounts. We bounced around the program and found some interesting workouts. You can address different parts of the body and it keeps track of your calories burned. There is also a section of dance routines if you want to do something other than a workout. We thought we could work together but unfortunately you have to work the routine as an individual. There are routines where another person can join in, but you can't pick a person out of the list of players.

  • John - Great book on how the coastal elites have been enriched ...

    Great book on how the coastal elites have been enriched in the last 16 to 25 years by easy money from the Fed, printed out of thin air. As Stockman shows, the new trillions of dollars don't make it to Middle America ("Flyover Land") but remain in the canyons of Wall Street, as Stockman refers to NYC. The Middle class has seen their real income drop 21% since 2000 - in unprecedented drop. Meanwhile, the balance sheet of the Fed is choking with money and the elites who live off casino capitalism in NYC, Boston, DC, and the coastal Pacific have seen their incomes expand massively. The same elites don't understand the revolt of the masses. In steps Trump, who, as Stockman sees it, is an authoritarian who loves the police state, but who shows some real promise in terms of exposing the "Imperial City" (DC) and saying no to the endless wars of the neo-cons. The key is to point Trump in the right direction, and the author shows the way here.

  • T.C. - Works well on old furniture without stripping it completely

    This works great on precious antiques. Mine aren't worth much dollarwise but they have sentimental value. This cleaner/finisher helps remove decades of gook and grime without stripping my furniture down to the original wood color. Use outdoors. If you must use it indoors, open all the windows and keep little ones away. Pour onto a rag; don't dump it on the furniture. A little goes a long way. Wipe off well. (Do not put used rags in washing machine -- wash rags in old bucket outside or toss in sealed plastic bags, don't burn.) Keep away from children and pets.

  • Judith J Foreman - Works great

    I mainly use it to handle different file formats and bring them on my iPad. Works great und is not complicated. There are many features I didn't used so far and never will because there are so many.

  • silencenomore - and I love the scent and the way it makes my skin ...

    I had this product already, and I love the scent and the way it makes my skin feel very soft and does not dry it out. I can also use it on my face and it doesn't cause any issues. I would recommend this product, but be careful if you have sensitivity to scent.

  • BoldAdventure - Once it burns out, there is no fuse to replace and you're left with a dead charger.

    First I want to say I love Pawtec's cables and their 12v USB chargers. So I purchased this along with a WeCharger. It looked sturdy and well built. But it just didn't last. On the first use it blew the fuse in my vehicle and apparently it blew its internal fuse. Now I'm stuck with a burned out worthless charger destined for the trash can. Extremely disappointed in this unit.

  • saspeedy - Would love to have her courage and spunk

    What an adventure I took reading this book! Violet Bates is my new hero. Would love to have her courage and spunk. This story captivated mewithin the first few pages. Her life choices bring her to her final decision. Die or save her homeland. Thank you Bella for this new world to travel to. Can't wait for the next book to see where it takes me. Great read for teens to adult.