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  • Oxana - New Year gift

    I bought this kit as a New Year gift for my husband a year ago. He Loved it!!! During this year he used it many times with different types of ingredients. It takes practice and patience to follow all instructions, but it is not difficult. For this New Year celebration he will definitely provide our family with tasty home made beer;)

  • Nick G. Thomas - I am sorry to give this bad report because most everything from Amzion works

    First of all the unit don' t work very well. I put it on my desk and went to my workshop and my Wife herd something making a noise and she found the Roto Clipper running and the switch was off and locked. So I was just holding it and it started running in my hand we had to take the battery out to stop it from running. Also it does not cut my nails it takes forever to file one nail. I am sorry to give this bad report because most everything from Amzion works great but Amazon is telling me I have returned to many products and they say they will cancel my account for this. I got a Phantom 3 Pro and it did not work so I had to send it back to DJI for repair so Amazon would not cancel my account. But when all is said, Amazon is still the best place to order from. I have ordered about 500 orders from with no problems. Amazon will always work with you to make it wright. But I can not return the finger nail cutter I am stuck with it but no problem it's not Amazon's problem.

  • Y.B. - Great protection but a little hard to use

    I have used McAfee(very short time), Trend Micro and Norton 360 in the past. I personally loved Trend Micro. It was very easy to use and had it for several years. But my pc got infected one year. I got recommended Norton 360. I had it for the last two years. That was a mistake! Although the software has excellent reviews, my old pc constantly froze up and always had to end programs with Windows Task Manager and most of the time my pc didn't even respond to that, either. So many times every day. It was a nightmare! I thought it was caused by a virus from my kids playing videos games or something. Norton didn't detect anything. I was desperate to find some solutions and decided to get something different. Kaspersky came to my mind first. Great price form Amazon, too.

  • L. Fenn-stokes - What a good bad boy!

    Max is an attorney who is trying to save his father's law firm from being destroyed because of his father's addictions, women, gambling, and losing money. His parents have made a contract with Annabel a politician who needs to be married. She is willing to pay for Max. Max spends his last night of freedom in a bar and meets a girl who he can't keep his mind off of. He calls her Kitten. Lola Grace is a virgin but she wants Max. They spend the night together. In the morning he leaves to get married and she goes home. Max and Annabel go to lunch after they get married to meet her daughter. Lola Grace meets her mother for lunch and sees Max with her mother. What happens next? Can Max and Lola Grace stay away from each other? It is a dark romance but it is good. I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

  • Stephen - Great place to start

    If you haven't started studying for the nclex this is a good place to start. If you already have started nclex preparation and have used resources other than kaplan for example ati, or cram master, saunders then don't use this book. A lot of the tips and tricks tend to contradict what other resources tell you. At least this is how it was for me. The questions were however helpful. I did pass the nclex on my first try

  • kd320 - Look here!

    I bet you're going through reviews looking for a good argument as to why or why you shouldn't buy this.

  • Steve Fabes - Not for Mac version of Quicken2015

    Spoiler Alert - this book is only for Quicken2015 Windows users - I have a Mac and the Quicken version for Mac looks nothing like the features that Mr. Nelson describes in his book. Example, Mac version has no Find/Replace feature described in Nelson's book.