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  • Amazon Customer - Decent phone with two fatal flaws

    I was pretty excited when I received the phone. It seems fairly well built, fast, and the screen is great. However ... I was pretty disappointed to find out, that it only has 1GB of internal memory, and not 4GB as advertised. It's barely enough for the basic apps.

  • HIDI - Chat with Quicken Support

    Quicken: Welcome to Quicken chat support. My name is Quicken. Please give me a moment while I review the info you provided.

  • Thomas E. McCloskey - great product

    The bars went up with no problem what so ever. I strapped 4 surf boards and it held with out question.

  • Fangor - Great for lazy people who forget to stick their cans in the fridge.

    My wife drinks an occasional soda here and there and as such we don't stick sodas in the fridge to take up space. She also has a tendency to forget to stick it in there overnight. The Cooper Cooler does a great job of turning a lukewarm soda to chilly in a matter of minutes. She likes to put it on the bottle setting instead of the can setting so that it comes out extra cold. It is quite loud, but that is to be expected... and quite tolerable for us since we only occasionally use it. The Cooper Cooler is great not only for cans, but plastic bottles and wine bottles too. We would definitely get another if this were to ever break down on us and recommend this to everyone.