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  • Gary R Nemetz - Blue Devil worth the money and works as advertised

    I have a 2000 3.4L 4Runner with 400,000 miles on it that developed a moderate head gasket leak. Has been great vehicle but did not want to spend $1200 to replace gaskets with so many miles. Vehicle started very rough with white smoke until coolant would dissipate from cylinder. Ran fine otherwise. Check engine light on constantly due to computer sensing cylinder mis fire. Bought this product. Bypassed the heater cores and removed thermostat. Did not need to bypass heater but did not want to risk plugging up the core as some others have complained about on blog. Just get a piece of heater big deal. Flushed out coolant. Used 16 oz. of product and idled engine for 90 minutes. Use silicone to seal thermostat housing since there is no gasket with thermostat gone. Thermostat on engine side of LOWER hose. Drained system, put everything back together, and refilled with coolant. Have now driven 200 miles. No rough start, no white smoke, no check engine light. It also seems the engine has more power from the product sealing the cylinder and increasing compression. Great product, It works. I am a believer. Also about $1125.00 richer.

  • Bourbon Dynasty - Snug fit, smart look

    Looks great, flush, survived several car washes and 200 mile road trips. Nice way to add to your Jeep at low cost without looking cheap.

  • Shopbills - Second wine pump & the best on

    So I bought one for my husbands easter basket last year. I thought because it cost more and looked fancier it was better.

  • J. Carter - Great blender for my smoothies!

    I purchased my ninja to make delicious green smoothies as my 30 year old Oster wasn't going to cut it. The tiered blade on the ninja is a must for crunching up the greens and chopping away at frozen fruits, producing a nice, smooth, and tasty drink!

  • Little Hawk (Darla) - tudor trilogy book one owen

    i had never read any books regarding owen tudor and was so impressed with this book i had always wondered how the tudors came into the royal family now i know ..the story with queen catherine and owen is actually a beautiful love story as told by this author it is also sad they had to live in secret because of the times i personally cold not imagine living in this era it was so hard on women and when yo read this story th men especially owen had a very rough time as well it surprised me about king henry vi as to this date o have never read how he became so much with the church and it was sad that his advisors told him sex was morally wrong per say it makes sense now as jasper has been parts of so many stories that he was the kings half brother i never knew that this book was extremely well written and i was glad the author did not use total fiction that he used alot of non fiction while writing this book extremely well done totally recommend

  • Andrew Kirchner - Worked for my 2000 Toyota Camry

    My check engine light came on in my 2000 Toyota Camry after driving through mountainous terrain one afternoon. When I brought the car in to get the check engine light test done, it read P0420 which is the code that relates to issues with the catalytic converter and oxygen sensor. So I decided to give Mr Gasket Cataclean a try after reading the reviews here. I followed the directions (drove about 15 miles until the tank was at 1/4 tank, filled it with the Cataclean, and then drove about 14 more miles). I then proceeded straight to the gas station and filled up to a little over half a tank. The light was still on so I disconnected the negative battery terminal to reset it and the light didn't come back on when I started up the car. After that, I drove the car about 200 miles and the light stayed off. I had a second check engine light test done (even though the check engine light was off) and no code showed up. I have driven well over 200 miles and the check engine light has stayed off. I plan to use Mr Gasket Cataclean a couple times a year just for routine maintenance.

  • crixus44 - Dead on arrival.No tech support.

    Paper receipt feeder did not work. Had to return it and order another brand. Poor installation instructions.No tech support. You are basically on your own.