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  • Patric Welch - I still hate snakes!

    First let me just say that this headset works great. It holds your phone snugly in place and the magnetic latch makes sure your phone doesn't fall out while you're wearing the headset. I also like the dials on the top and sides that adjust the pupil and focal lengths, something I found I needed to tweak with each 3D video I watched.

  • Krissa Mist - Easy to implement tips on meditation.

    This is an excellent helpful and a very informative guide. It's well written and easy to understand. There are some great ideas to gain. It contains valuable advice and tips on meditation that are very easy to follow. This book tackles all the good things that Meditation can give to our body. It calms the mind and it makes us productive in all our tasks. Meditation is really helpful to both our body and soul. For me the highest benefit that Meditation can give is the happiness, positive and clear thoughts. I like this book. Very informative.

  • Andy A. - What I've Been Waiting For!

    When I first heard Perfect Illusion I began to doubt if the album would even be worth my time but man, am I glad I gave it a shot. This is the album I wanted from Gaga after Born This Way(loved that album). Energetic, honest, better lyrics and VOCALS!! I've always been frustrated with how gaga hardly used her voice to her fullest potential on her albums! I will say that the folksy elements wasn't what I expected but I've grown to love it. I see most of the people that don't like it are the ones that want to put her in a box. They want her to make another Fame Monster. So if you fall into that category you'll probably hate this but if you're open to anything other than club ready music or edm you might really enjoy it.

  • Hurchel Young - Love it!

    This meter works great! It's so small that I usually forget I have it in my pocket. I'm also really impressed with how affordable it and all of the supplies are.

  • trenton schinnerer - Super easy to install on my 2010 Equinox

    Super easy to install on my 2010 Equinox. Just minutes by myself, and very easy to move forward or back when needed.

  • Tabitha - Horrific Antivirus

    ABSOLUTELY HORRIFIC. DO NOT INSTALL THIS PRODUCT. My friend had me download it out of kindness but I had started noticing that it wasn't picking up or cleaning anything after a while. When I tired to uninstall it, it never went away. Just when I thought I did, it started acting like a VIRUS. when I switched to Avast, it scanned and found tons of viruses and updates my computer really needed. After I tried to update it, it was prevented by this product that still stayed. After I tried to factory reset my laptop, my computer pretty much refused and now it's like it's protecting itself from being cleaned out by any means. It will no let me in certain areas of my computer, it will not let me connect to any form of internet, and it had been rendered completely useless. It even deleted my Avast from my computer with out me doing anything. Now thanks to this, I have no computer and I have to save up to buy a new one. DO NOT GET THIS PRODUCT. SAVE THE MONEY, GET AVAST OR NORTON

  • jennifer mitchko - Not good

    I personally didn't buy it here on Amazon but I bought it at my local book store. The board is rough and the planchette is to heavy and seems like it sticks to the board. I also personally don't like the concept of the black light in the planchette to reveal secret messages on the board. It is made out of cardboard and the planchette is made out of plastic. It would be better to buy the Winning Moves version of the Ouija Board