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  • Linda M. - Common Sense Information to Detox From Unhealthy Food

    Okay...I'm going to be as honest and helpful as I can here. This book presents very common sense ideas and lots of information about recent advances in scientific research regarding food and diet. It is an easy and pleasant read, albeit a little repetitive. There are some interesting new ideas presented, but mostly it focuses on eating lean or "healthy fat" proteins and lots of non-starchy veggies. For 10 days, the plan requires you to give up dairy, gluten, sugar, caffeine, processed foods, starchy vegetables, beans, legumes and most fruits. It stresses high quality, organic foods--which, to be honest, can get quite pricey--but generally, I think are worth it in regards to flavor and health benefits. He never once says you HAVE to buy organic to do this detox, but organics are stressed throughout the book. The detox diet's main purpose is to wean you off of all the processed foods that are full of chemicals and preservatives and "hidden" sugars that cause intense food cravings, inflammatory responses and a myriad of health problems. To that purpose, I think it works well. It's main message is that food itself can be a medicine, which if used properly, can help our bodies heal and function at maximum efficiency. It's all about the FOOD.

  • Kenny A. - Would not play video on Mac or Windows computers

    Seemed to be working, but when I plugged it into my computers I received an "unreadable file message." Tried everything to fix....searched Google, etc but nothing. Even called company, but all I received was a recording.

  • David Michael - Slick, stylish, and very functional.

    Slick, stylish, and very functional. Originally bought this as a cheap fix for protecting my new 7" Amazon Fire until I could do some research and find the best case. After using it and loving it, I reordered a second as a backup. I found the best case for me after all!